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Airport Drayage operations and customer service utilize a specialized computer system, providing automated dispatch and billing.

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Vehicle Communications
Route Drivers
Driver Training
Driver Identification
Outbound Shipments
Hazardous Materials
Billing Terms and Conditions
Current Fuel Surcharge
Dimensional Weight

Vehicle Communications:
Our experienced drivers are routed in the Portland metro area by three skilled dispatchers via Sprint mobile communications. Timely pickup and delivery is provided paying close attention to closing times and special requests.

We have a variety of late model vans, trucks, tractors and trailers available for service out of our Portland location. We own our fleet which is maintained on site by our certified mechanic.

Route Drivers:
Airport Drayage Co. currently employs 40 drivers whose length of employment spans from several months to over 20 years.

Driver Training:

Drivers are trained in the following manner:

A. Our first priority is safety

B. Instructed in our methods, routes, paperwork and TSA security requirements.

C. Shown how to properly care for and use all equipment.

D. Drive along with drivers on a regular basis.

E. Regular employee reviews.

F. Infinity Training online program for all drivers.

G. Monthly safety meetings.

H. Hazardous materials training specifically for ORM-D.

Driver Identification:
Drivers are provided identification badges that include their name, employee number, hire date and signature. These badges are provided to the drivers at the time of hire and are to be displayed at all times. All drivers are in company uniforms to ensure a professional appearance.

Status updates, proof of delivery and charges are available on-line. A username and password will be supplied upon request.

Domestic Inbound and International Imports:

Upon receipt of a faxed delivery order, Airport Drayage recovers inbound domestic and custom cleared import freight and delivers to consignee as instructed. Airport Drayage will coordinate with the airlines and handling agents for availability of domestic inbound and cleared import cargo. We provide Customs/Carnet inspections when requested. Clearances recovered and on our dock by 1000 will be delivered the same day areas A - F. Clearances faxed to our dispatch by 1700 will be recovered same evening (pending airline/agent restrictions) and freight will be delivered next day by noon to areas A - C; by 1700 in areas D-F. Hot shots and local specials are provided as instructed. Local LCL terminal freight recovery provided daily. We also provide regional dedicated truck load service and daily line haul service from SEA to PDX. Call for a quote.

Outbound Shipments:
Regular pickup services are provided Monday – Friday 1000 – 1700. Special pickup services are provided upon request and performed promptly. Sign-off confirmation of all required documentation for shipments at the time of pickup will be provided to you.
Outbound shipments can be dropped directly to your dock or to the designated airlines.

Hazardous Materials:
Airport Drayage is
hazmat tri-modal certified and will assist in moving hazardous materials of any amount.

Billing Terms and Conditions:
Airport Drayage invoices weekly on Sunday. All invoices are mailed out each Monday morning. We will provide detailed invoices and can customize billing to meet your specific department requirements. Invoices are due and payable within 30 days of invoice date.

Airport Drayage operates a twenty-four hour 7 day per week warehouse video surveillance program. All vehicles are padlocked; ignition keys removed and doors are locked when not attended by the vehicle operator. Vehicles are parked after operating hours in a gated yard that is video monitored. Warehouse doors are secured when not in use. Reference the attached security letter.

Current Fuel Surcharge

Our fuel surcharge changes every Wednesday according to the Department of Energy’s Highway Diesel Fuel Index. The current FSC for the week of November 29th is 21%  Â Â 
To go directly to the Dept. of Energy’s Highway Diesel Fuel Index please click here, and note the current price for the West Coast region.

For information on how we calculate the rate please reference our Fuel Surcharge guide. To access this information please click here (pdf file).

Dimensional Weight

Airport Drayage considers package density when calculating shipping charges. The calculation considers the amount of space your freight will take up on a truck in relation to the actual weight of your package.

Airport Drayage uses the industry standard Dimensional Weight Factor of 194.
(LxWxH)/194 = Dimensional Weight
[where L = length, W= width, and H=height and where LxWxH yields an amount in cubic inches and is rounded up to the nearest pound.

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