Security Print

Airport Drayage is dedicated to providing the best security we can for our customers and is currently in compliance with all TSA, C-TPAT and DOT requirements and suggestions.

More specifically, the following procedures are in place:

  • All shipments at the time of acceptance shall be visually inspected for signs of tampering, exposed wires or leaks and shall not be transported until the issue is resolved.
  • Segregation between “known” and “unknown” shipments shall be maintained at all times.
  • A dedicated warehouse location is marked and utilized to store “unknown” shipments separate from “known” shipments.
  • Warehouse shall remain secured during all hours.
  • Warehouse shall be monitored via video surveillance at all times.
  • No flight information shall be disclosed to any “unknown” shipper.
  • Access to shipments by unauthorized persons shall be restricted at all times.
  • Shipments shall be transported in a locked or monitored vehicle at all times.
  • All vehicle cabs shall be locked and keys removed from ignition when driver is away from the vehicle.
  • All vehicles shall be locked and secured in a gated yard during non-operating hours.
  • Drivers shall remain constantly aware of surrounding events and immediately report to dispatch any unusual circumstances or activity.
  • Drivers shall not attempt to prevent any hijacking or theft but instead shall gather information that will assist law enforcement personnel.

These are our standard security policies that apply to every shipment, every day. We utilize a more thorough training program as mandated by the TSA. This training is done during our regular driver meetings in order to maintain a consistent standard among our employees. Syd Jones, our Compliance and Safety Manager is HAZMAT and IAC certified and is in charge of training and enforcing our security program and policies. Please contact him regarding any further questions that you may have concerning TSA, C-TPAT and DOT security issues.

  • All employees with access to air freight are subject to and have passed the TSA directed Security Threat Assessment (STA).

Brian Wolf
Vice President